Laptop reparaties in Nijverdal

Laptop Repairs in Nijverdal

Is your laptop defective and do you want to have it repaired quickly and professionally in Nijverdal?
ThePhoneShopper is ready to professionally solve all laptop related problems,
ThePhoneShopper will strive to have all repairs completed within 1 to 2 working days.

For example, which repairs can be carried out?

Laptop screen repair

Replace keyboard

Reinstall Microsoft Windows

Install virus scanner

Memory extensions (working memory and storage memory)


Many costs depend on the requirements set by the user.
For example, with a storage medium you can choose from the speed and size of the hard disk or SSD.
ThePhoneShopper will look at the requirements together with you and you will receive a (provisional) quote based on your preferences.

Repair time

The duration of the repair depends on the type of repair to be carried out.
For example, a complete reinstallation of your Windows can be completed within 45 minutes, but also within 1 to 2 working days.
This again depends on the speed of your laptop.

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