iPhone reparatie in Nijverdal

iPhone repair Nijverdal

Would you like to have your iPhone repaired in Nijverdal?

At ThePhoneShopper you are at the right place for all iPhone repairs.

The repairs below are the most common repairs

iPhone 6 screen repair

iPhone 6s battery repair

iPhone 7 screen repair

iPhone X screen repair

iPhone 5S water damage cleaning

iPhone 7 water damage cleaning

iPhone 7 camera glass repair

iPhone 6 charging connector repair

iPhone 7 charging connector repair

iPhone 8 back replacement

iPhone Xs Max screen repair

iPhone X back cover replacement

Is the iPhone repair you need not listed above? No worries,

all iPhone models and associated repairs are listed on the iPhone repair page.

Repair time

Most repairs performed by ThePhoneShopper are completed within approximately 60 minutes.

Repairs including soldering and water damage repair can take 1 to 5 working days.


All current repair prices can be found on the iPhone repair page.

You can also easily make an appointment online via this page.

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