Apple iPad reparatie in Nijverdal

Apple iPad repair Nijverdal

According to many, the Apple iPad is still the tablet you must have if you want a tablet.
Where the iPad was also the first in this area to create a fast device with a long battery life, this is also a product of which you can say YES, they have handled it well.

We are now a number of years and therefore also a number of iPad generations further,
what we as a repair company can say about it is actually very little.
They are simply solid products that are well put together, few ”strange” repairs come to us.
ThePhoneShopper naturally repairs iPads from the first generation (Apple iPad 1).
In the meantime, we have already reached the Apple iPad 6 (or the Apple iPad air 2) and we will soon see a number of new variants.

As with all other news articles, we will also list the most common complaints / repairs for the iPad,
these are also problems that have arisen by the user:

Cracked screen / glass plate repair iPad

Replace battery iPad

Apple iPad Stuck on Startup or Reboot

Water damage repair iPad

The screen that cracks is definitely number 1 if we look at the most common repairs on the iPad,
it is a very nice product made from 1 aluminum unibody, but it does have a disadvantage,
suppose it falls on the corner is the there is a very good chance that the aluminum will dent, resulting in a crack.
We see this a lot less often with plastic tablets.

Above are purely and only the most common complaints, if
the Apple iPad does not charge anymore, then you have also come to the right place at ThePhoneShopper,
we also repair things such as the WiFi that no longer works on the iPad.
ThePhoneShopper is the right place for all iPad repairs,
whether you have the Apple iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 or an Apple iPad mini variant, ThePhoneShopper doesn’t care!
Feel free to click on the link below to view all repairs and associated prices!

iPad repair

The Apple iPad pro is also welcome for repairs at ThePhoneShopper

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